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M.A. (Rick) O’Shea (JP Qual) QPIA ®

Managing director

“Even from a young age I was interested in property, but didn’t really know how to go about it. Then I really learned the investment lesson through an accident of circumstance which I will tell you about later.

I joined the Army at 16 years old and trained at the Army Apprentices School at Balcombe Victoria, as a motor mechanic. I was a Warrant Officer Class 2 in RAEME when I discharged from the Army in 1979. In the Army they teach you many valuable skills but as I know now the one skill they didn’t teach was how to use your Defence advantage to become independently wealthy.

I spent many years living in Defence accommodation paying a heavily subsidised married quarter rent and it frustrates me now to think that by just putting the difference between what was coming out of my pay packet for my rent and what “civvie” friends were spending on their rent for similar accommodation, I could have joined the property ladder at a much earlier time in my life.

When I left the Army in 1979, I had $6,300 from DFRDB, and that was all I had in the world. I was living in a hotel while I studied for my commercial pilot’s licence and an uncle told me to stop wasting my money and to go and buy a home. Fortunately I listened to my uncle and purchased an old house in western Sydney using $4,000 of that money as a deposit on a house for $33,000.
I lived in it for a couple of years, then moved on and rented it, and almost forgot it was there while I got on with enjoying my life.

Then when I decided to sell it 11 years later I was astounded to learn that someone was going to pay me $210,000 for it!! That was the start of my realisation about the benefit of buying property. It was just what astute investor friends of mine had been telling me but I didn’t really understand it until then.

Since that point I bought, renovated and sold 14 houses, then built a portfolio of rental properties that brings in an income of $250,000 per annum, more than enough to retire very handsomely. However retirement isn’t even on the horizon for me.

Yes I am passionate about buying property, but I am just as passionate about helping people that come to QPS to create their own wealth through property investment, and that is what the people of QPS are all about, assisting people to a better life right now and through to their retirement years, where they won’t have to concern themselves in the future with Government changes to Centrelink pensions etc as they will be the ones who are planning their next overseas holiday or deciding what new model of car they are tempted by.

Another thing that I am passionate about is ethical behaviour in the property investment industry. Currently there is little or no legislation to protect the consumer when they purchase an investment property which leaves consumers vulnerable to less scrupulous operators in the industry. I spent some time acquiring qualifications and accreditation as a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA®), through the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) which is a not for profit organisation. The aim of PIPA is to be the peak Property Investment Industry Association and our members have to complete a Qualified Property Advisor course plus ongoing development training plus subscribe to a Code of Conduct which protects consumers by providing standards by which property professionals can operate. QPS is fully QPIA® accredited so you can feel confident and secure in your dealings with us.

For those reading this who think they don’t have to worry about investing as they will get substantial wealth through inheritance or winning the lotto, the real chances of either of those things happening are very remote. It is better to take things into your own hands now and do it for yourself. It doesn’t have to be hard or stressful, I did it and I am an ordinary person from a normal working class family. I took a while to get started but you really should start right now after reading this. Read our testimonials and if you like what you see, contact QPS today and we will show you that investing in safe, sound residential property is really very easy.

One of the most common things we hear from clients who start to see their wealth growing is, “I wish someone had told me this before.” Someone is telling you now.”

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