QPSIG Location Rating Index

We have all heard the Real Estate cry “Location, Location, Location”.

Rarely does anyone explain what the criteria for a good location are. Often it just happens to be what the selling agent has on their books for sale at that point in time!

The QPS Investment Group evaluate many developments each year. We recommend to our clients only a few. One of the most important considerations for us when assessing each project is that of Location. We measure all projects against our exclusive Location Rating Index as the first step in determining its investment potential.

If the project scores well on this index we will then proceed to our other tests. If the project does not score well we will not promote the project to our clients. Our index is based on a 100 point scoring system. We disregard any project that scores less than 70 points.

The first things we consider are:

  • Predicted capital growth
  • Potential for low rent vacancy
  • Rent return 

Then our Location Rating Index takes into account proximity to:

  • Capital City
  • Population Growth Areas
  • Transport Links
  • Household Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Recreation
  • Schools
  • University
  • Public Open Spaces
  • Medical Facilities
  • Employment Opportunities

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