Where to Invest

QPS spends a lot of time researching before we decide if a project is worthy of presenting to our clients. There are many projects that we reject as we don’t believe they offer the best return on investment or potential for future capital growth.

Contrary to popular myth enormous opportunity exists for excellent capital growth outside the major city 10klm radius. State and Federal governments understand with Australia’s booming population growth that housing can only go two ways; up (i.e. build more inner city high rise buildings) or out (build further away from the city centres).

As land appreciates and buildings depreciate we look for developing areas near major capital cities where we know government and industry is investing in infrastructure and employment opportunities. We ensure that capital growth potential is excellent and rental vacancy will be minimal.

South East Queensland (SEQ)

South East Queensland is the third largest urban region in Australia behind Sydney and Melbourne. The Queensland Government’s ‘SEQ Regional Plan’ forecasts an average of 50,000 – 70,000 new residents each year over the next 20 years requiring over 550 new dwellings each week; this continuing level of significant and sustained growth cements Brisbane as the preferred investment location for residential property investors for the next 10 to 20 years.

The area is well-serviced with urban infrastructure including a suburban rail service. It contains many diverse communities ranging from well-established ‘timber and tin’ suburbs to high-rise apartments and new master-planned estates. While it contains a high proportion of the region’s major employment opportunities, these are not evenly distributed.

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