Why Invest in Property


Many people are attracted to property because it tends to be less volatile than shares Property is land, bricks and mortar. You can see it, stand on it, touch it, and unlike shares, it can’t disappear overnight.

Property may not be as exciting as shares but owning it gives you a better nights sleep! Long term investment in median residential property is relatively unaffected by downturns in the economy, fuel crises, changing interest rates and unemployment levels.

There are many advantages to investing in property but the major ones are:

  • Property is a simple, safe, proven and tangible investment
  • Property loans attract the lowest interest rates in the market with the highest loan to value (LVR) ratio (i.e. you require less deposit to get started)
  • Property investment allows for good tax deductions

You might be surprised to learn that most property investors, including investors with two or more properties, are on very average incomes!

QPS will assist you to purchase residential property in good growth areas close to all the amenities that indicate a positive investment opportunity such as schools, shops, transport links and employment opportunities.

There are many things to consider before making the decision to invest, but there is one major thing I want you to consider…

The decision to do nothing represents the greatest risk of all!

Why We Use Residential Property?

Shares: Property has lower risk & higher gearing = better Real Outcome.
Cash: Property has growth & tax advantage = better Real Outcome.

Brand new residential property is often the BEST form of investment available for wealth creation in Australia. By best we mean:

  • Higher than average returns,
  • Lower than average investment risk,
  • We can borrow more against it giving greater leverage;
  • Tax effective;
  • Easy to understand; and
  • Simple to do and worry free with our help

We only sell new properties. But why?

  • Structural Warranties
  • Appliance Warranties
  • Less Maintenance
  • Less Upkeep
  • Built to today’s more energy efficient standards
  • Built to today’s codes
  • Built with a longer life expectancy
  • Everything is included ready for your tenants to move their furniture in!
  • Quality is controlled
  • We only use builders who build to our exacting standards
  • Best tax advantages and maximum depreciation write-offs
  • Tenants love new properties with more modern appliances and fittings

Also new homes with contemporary floor plans and outside entertainment areas are suited to the modern lifestyle and the way your tenants want to live today. For a sound investment you really can’t go past a quality, well located, new investment property.

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